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Sculpture courses in Barcelona

Our goal is to enhance creativity while giving shape to our feelings and ideas, while participating in a sculpture courses, in a quiet and relaxed space.

Sculpture classes (in mud) are personalized and you will learn to make styles as diverse as stylization, realism, abstraction, with different systems like additives, drains, subtractive or carving the mud, you will discover finishing techniques like oxides, patinas or enamels… In the courses of sculpture will make works as diverse as portraits, human figure, murals, bas-reliefs…

Sculpture is the art and technique of representing objects or creating figures in three dimensions by working or handling a material including mud. They are expressed in solid forms, creating real volumes, because they occupy a three-dimensional space: they have height, width and depth, so that the volume can be touched, surrounded and seen from any angle. It is the art of creating figurative or abstract forms.

No experience in the courses is needed. You are free to change activity when you want. In the same class you can be in the wheel-pottery and then change to modeling, enamels, drawing or painting and choose the techniques that you like.

The time schedules are fully flexible and the courses can be by days, weeks or months.

Mud, enamels and cooking included.

Certificate is issued for all courses.


  • Personalized classes.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Materials incluided.
  • No experience required.
  • Course certificate.

TIME SCHEDULES (classes & visits)

  • MORNING TIMETABLE: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10AM to 1PM
  • AFTERNOON TIMETABLE: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4PM to 8PM
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