Forma School - Escola Forma
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The FORMA school of ceramic of Barcelona is a center founded in 1970. FORMA school is currently the oldest private school in Barcelona also authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya with the D.O.G. No. 327 of May 11, 1983.

FORMA school is a family center founded by Joan Auleda and Maria Rosa Segón. Since 1997, her daughter Elisabet Auleda is the director of the school and his son Ivan Biescas (3rd generation) is the teacher of pottery.

Our method has always been that our students learn the techniques they prefer and the courses are adjust to their needs. The courses are personalized and each student makes different themes in the same class, thus enhancing their own style and have their own creativity.
We offer courses of different durations (days, weeks or months) with flexibletime schedules. Certificate is issued for all courses.


Our facilities

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our facilities. You can move around the center like one more student!

The center has arround 300 square meters several areas such as:
• Ceramics and sculpture classroom
• Drawing and painting classroom
• Art Gallery
• Laboratory area
• Library area
• 15 potter´s wheels
• 6 kilns
• Locker room 

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