Pottery´s wheel courses in Barcelona

Creativity is a free form of expression and our goal is to work the creative potential that we all have inside. Everything necessary to express it is to give shape to our ideas performing the courses of potter´s wheel in a quiet and relaxed space.

In the classes of potter´s wheel we will teach you the basic techniques to knead the mud and learn to center. The centering is the most difficult and most important step, to learn how to make a piece correctly. The process for the realization of bowls or plates, processes of finishes like the return to remove all the excess of mud and leave the pieces well homogeneous, processes of polished, sanded and leave them ready for the cooking and processes of enameled, to do any type decorations, graffito, ornaments. You will learn in the courses of potter’s wheel to realize all type of pieces, like for example bowls, plates, sets of cups, jugs, teapots, vases…

The pottery´s wheel classes are personalized and we adapt to your needs or conveniences. You are free to change the activity whenever you want, in the same class you can be in the potter´s wheel and then change to modeling, sculpture, decoration or drawing and choose the techniques that you like.

  • Mud, enamels and cooking included.
  • No experience required in any of the courses.
  • The time schedules are fully flexible and the courses can be by days, weeks or months.
  • Certificate is issued for all courses.

There are already pottery’s wheel examples in Egyptian engravings since 2500  B.C.

It is the art of making clay objects, the job that has allowed people to create all kind of household goods throughout history.

Pottery's wheel courses barcelona


  • Personalized classes.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Materials incluided.
  • No experience required.
  • Course certificate.

TIME SCHEDULES (classes & visits)

  • MORNING TIMETABLE: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10AM to 1PM
  • AFTERNOON TIMETABLE: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5PM to 8PM


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