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Since 2002, we are dedicated to do different artistic workshops in our premises, these workshops are focused to groups, as per: team building, Companies, conventions, tourist tours, schools, birthday parties…
The concept of these artistic workshops is an activity to promote group unity within the collective, disconnect and find the ability of each one, in an attractive and fun workshop. Artistic expression is fun and we also enhance development and learning. We shape our ideas and emotions, expressing what we want to communicate.

We have 3 types of workshops for groups of 10 or more people, ideal for Team Building, student groups or friends:


Fusing and Potter’s Wheel Workshop

The Fusing tries to imitate the technique of Gaudi of “The Trencadís“. It is a flat glass base of 14 × 14 centimetres that is decorated with glass scales of different colours, creating the mosaic so characteristic of Gaudi. Once decorated to suit each student, it will be baked at 800ºC for 8-10 hours and delivered later at the agreed point.

At the same time we will combine with the Potter’s wheel. Students will try this fun and relaxing activity. An initial demonstration will be made explaining the main steps and from there we will let each student show us their skills.

Since the process of finishing a piece is long and lasts several sessions, the activity will only focus on the practice of the potter´s wheel. No finishes or cooking.

Potter’s Wheel and Modelling Workshop

Two very relaxing techniques are combined in this activity, the Potter’s wheel and the Modelling.

A demonstration will be made explaining step by step so that all students can see how to perform any piece and later they will be the ones who try it.

At the same time, the other part of the group will enjoy the modelling technique. The clay is very mouldable and we can convert a piece of clay at any form. It helps to release tensions and has many benefits: it activates creativity, unloads tensions, and is anti-stress and very relaxing. You can mold and shape according to your imagination, we will explain different techniques to build some pieces. For example, through the rolling we can make cups, bowls and vases, or with a piece of clay we can shape it, adding and removing clay.

Cooking is not included in this workshop since the ceramic requires a multi-session process.


Gaudi’s Artistic workshop

Discover what you have inside and express it by decorating. In Gaudi’s artistic workshop, participants will decorate their own Souvenir from Barcelona, ​​becoming active protagonists of their visit to the city. They will choose a figure among the most characteristic monuments of Gaudi: The Lizard of the Park Güell or the Sagrada Familia.

The Gaudi workshop is an interactive and relaxing activity where the artistic creativity of each one will be developed.

Fast-drying acrylic paints will be used.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any special request.



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