Artistic workshops for groups: Team Building

Since 2002, we have been doing different artistics workshops in our School. These workshops are dedicated to groups whether they are team building, companies, conventions, tourist tours, schools, as birthday parties …

The concept of these artistic workshops is an activity to promote group unity within the collective, disconnect and find the ability of each person, in an attractive and fun atmosphere. Artistic expression is fun and also enhances development and learning. We shape our ideas and emotions expressing what we want to communicate.

We have a very funny workshop combined by pottery´s wheel and modelling, an interesting workshop Gaudi, an extraordinary fusing workshop (glass molten), or a peculiar workshop of mural painting in group, among many other activities.

No experience is required.

Talleres para grupos

Artistic workshop of potter´s wheel

Creativity is a free form of expression and our goal is to work the creative potential that we all have inside. All necessary to express it is giving shape to our ideas. In the artistic workshops of pottery’s wheel we will teach you the basic techniques to knead the mud and learn to center. The centering is the most difficult and most important step to learn how to make a piece correctly. The process for the realization of bowls or plates processes of finishes and to make any type of decoration, graffito or adornments. You will learn in the workshops about hand making bowls, plates, pots, vases …

This pottery´s wheel workshop tests the artistic capacity of the participants with the use of a wheel. You will perform your own works in a fun and enjoyable workshop.

No experience is required.

Artistic workshop Gaudí

Artistic workshops Gaudi

Discover what you have inside and express it by decorating. In the artistic workshop Gaudí, participants will decorate their own Barcelona Souvenir becoming active protagonists of your visit to the city. You will choose a figure among the most popular monuments of Gaudi: the dragon of the Park Güell or the Sagrada Familia.

The artistic workshop Gaudí is an interactive and relaxed activity where it develops the artistic creativity of each one.

Quick dry acrylic paints will be used.

No experience is required.

Artistic workshop sculpture / modeling

Artistic expression should be fun, by stimulating creativity and learning, while reducing stress levels in a quiet and relaxed space. In the artistic workshops sculpting and modeling, different techniques such as churros, plates or clay block are worked… For the realization of different objects like boxes, teapots, pots, sculptures…

The idea of this artistic workshop sculpture and modeling is to learn to find the balance in shapes and volume in a sculpture or piece of clay modeling, developing tactile perception and manual dexterity. Different artistic tools will be provided to help give the sensation and perception that you want to obtain.

No experience is required.

Artistic workshop mural painting

The artistic workshops of mural painting encourage communication and teamwork to carry out a collective work. The participants will be distributed in different groups to paint a part of the mural. The theme can be adapted according to the guild (hairdressers, pharmacists…) or skyline of Barcelona for example.

Our goal in the mural painting workshop is to work on the artistic potential we each possess, self-confidence and teaching how to see and observe the teamwork in a quiet and relaxed environment to disconnect from our routine.

Drawing is a form of graphic expression that stamps images on a real medium. It is the visual art of representing something in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional medium through various tools, usually done manually with the help of some instrument (such as a pencil or a brush).

In the painting classes you will work the perspective, contrast, light-dark, shadows, gradients, proportions… All this in a diversity of motives and theoretical and practical concepts.

Paint is the art of graphic representation using pigments mixed with other organic or synthetic binder substances. Painting is an artistic manifestation of visual character.

No experience is required.

Artistic workshop Fusing (fused glass)

The creative process is as important as the finished product. Our goal is to empower the artist we all have inside. During the artistic workshop of fusing glass, we will facilitate the development of creativity expressing what we wish to communicate in a quiet and relaxed environment.

With the artistic workshop of fusing (molten glass) it is a question of discovering the technique of the molten glass. The artist with his/her skill gets to connect technique and creativity and will make a tray. Manufacturing process is simple. It is about superimposing a base glass, colored flakes forming a mosaic or gives a background with crystal powder and then decorates with glazes and crystal scales. With the desired design it will be introduced into the kiln for cooking at 800ºC. During the workshop the fusing technique and its applications are widely explained.

No experience is required.

Taller artístico de fusing barcleona

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