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Enamels courses in Barcelona

We will stimulate visual and tactile senses. Not only are the colors but also important are the textures, to unite them in the same artistic set.

In the enamel courses we will carry out a deep study of all the raw materials to learn to formulate, and to make our own enamels, matt, shiny, transparent, opaque, texturizers, satin… in a quiet and relaxed space.

In the enamel classes you will learn to mix various raw material components to obtain an enamel and, through the kiln at 1000ºC, the powder forms a soft glazed cover on the piece. Ideal for lovers of research and the search for new textures.

The enamel classes are customized and we adapt to your needs or conveniences. You are free to change your activity whenever you want. In the same class you can be at the pottery’s wheel and then change to modeling, sculpture, decoration or drawing and choose the techniques that you mostly like.

No experience is required in any of our courses.

The time schedules are fully flexible and the courses can be done by days, weeks or months.

Mud, enamels and cooking are included.

Certificate is issued for all courses.

Cursos de esmaltes en barcelona


  • Personalized classes.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Materials incluided.
  • No experience required.
  • Course certificate.

SCHEDULES (classes & visits)

  • MORNING TIMETABLE: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10AM to 1PM
  • AFTERNOON TIMETABLE: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4PM to 8PM
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