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Workshops for children in Barcelona

Playing with the clay we stimulate the senses and the psychomotricity, movement of hands, fingers and muscles. These workshops for children develop their creativity while providing the child with a relaxing environment at the same time they make ceramic pieces, draw or paint pictures, an alternative to use in their free time in a fun way.

In children’s classes we work developing artistic and educational projects, starting with the most basic techniques. Artistic education are not only crafts, they are all those intellectual processes that generate knowledge through visual and tactile language.

Children’s ceramics, drawing and painting courses are for children from 8 to 14 years old.

They are courses for initiation:  2 hours per weekly at once combining each week with drawing, painting and ceramics.

They choose their preferences:

  • Drawing Classes: They work with the techniques of pencil, charcoal, chalk, waxes… in styles such as figurative, manga, comic…
  • Painting Classes: They work with the techniques of acrylics, oils… in styles such as figurative, landscape, comic…
  • Ceramics classes: They treat the techniques of modeling in mud, wheel, sculpture, and finishes with enamels, engobs, oxides and dyes…

All materials are included (except sketchpad, folder and oil box).

Children classes in Barcelona


  • Personalized classes.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Materials incluided.
  • No experience required.

TIME SCHEDULES (classes & visits)

  • MORNING TIMETABLE: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10AM to 1PM
  • AFTERNOON TIMETABLE: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4PM to 8PM


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